Wedding Pillar Rentals include large bouquets of Vintage Florals

The Vintage Bouquets are quite large. Fllled with an array of muted pastel silk florals from large roses to small lillies in pink, blue, lavender, olive green, cream, peach, white and a burgandy accent. This arrangement complements many a brides color and is a good choice for an outdoor wedding as it really holds it's own presense even without the sashes.

THE AISLE rent up to eight aisle pillars with Vintage Bouquet silk florals. Add in sashes for more a formal passage.

ALTARS rent with one, two or three pillars, Drape and Florals included. Altar set-ups work best indoors for a Vintage Wedding Ceremony.

Pricing below photos reflects cost of total rentals shown in each photo.

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